Color is Fundamental

A subject that is often overlooked when planning out and implementing an online presence is the use of color. Color is a fundamental aspect of how users view the world around them, the media they consume, and the brands they prefer. All major brands devote time and resources into their color presentation. If you have not given much thought into your color palette, here are some helpful tips to get your started.


What Colors Represent

Apple Website

I am certain that many of us remember grade school art class when the teacher gave us an overview of the emotions behind colors. Red and orange represent warm and energetic colors; while blues and purples are more cold and passive. Color theory involves using the inherent properties of colors to help convey your message. One example would be how companies such as Intel and Skype use blue for their logos and branding because blue conveys ideas of progress and intelligence. Remember to research your color choices well and try to match them to your goals.

Dell LogoHP LogoIBM Logo


Intel and Skype are not the only tech companies that follow the blue color scheme. How many more can you think of?



Implementing Your Palette

There are many ways to use your color choices but the most important thing to remember is to be consistent. A non consistent use of color, such as a difference between your logo on your business card and the one on your website, can repel users/customers on a psychological level. Although it is usually best to stick to one or two colors for your branding, don’t feel limited. Sometimes using several colors on your brand is a good idea. Have you noticed how services such as Google and Ebay use multiple colors in their logo? They want users to know they can search for and find or buy anything they can think of; so they convey this with their color choices.

OMG From Yahoo

OMG from Yahoo is a celebrity news site. Notice how they blend colors.

Orange is friendly, red is exciting, and purple gives signifies style and vanity.

Cadilac Website

Black and Gray convey a sense of elegance and luxury. Cadliac knows this very well.


Finding Inspiration

Pizza Hut Website

You can find inspiration for color choices everywhere around you.Clothing, paint samples, and advertisements are good examples of the proper uses of color. The greatness of color is that it transcends many mediums. Red is well know to be associated with hunger in tradional restaurants and Pizza Hut uses it extensively on their website. Take a good look at your everyday life and your personal preferences and bring those ideas into your online world.

If you are trying to find a color solution for a project that will reach the eyes of many users then it is always best to get a second opinion. Many times our bias and preferences can interfere with proper color selections. It is great that you have a favorite color, but do not let it dictate your decisions.

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