Custom Website Design means: No Cookie Cutter Websites

Typically, when other web designers use the term "custom website design" they are referring to a custom-ized version of a pre-defined template or a slight variation on their standard approach. Design Brooklyn is a custom website design company, meaning: we don't use design templates in our custom website design.


Our Approach

Great design can help elevate your brand

We believe that great design can help elevate your brand and that in order to differentiate your business from the competition, your online presences should be unique.

When you work with Design Brooklyn, we work closely with you to understand your design preferences, branding guidelines, and business objectives. Then our team of experts combine these influences with beautiful design, seamless branding integration and carefully crafted online strategy. The result is a truly custom website design that both reflects and serves your brand.


Not sure what to expect?

Our goal is to create a completely custom website design that you absolutely love. In most cases, we can match your aesthetic preferences and provide a winning design on our first attempt. If for whatever reason you're not in love with the design, we can take your feedback, create additional design directions and revise as necessary until you're completely satisfied.


Beyond Website Design

We strive to help our clients create and maintain unified online marketing messaging and design. We can create materials to help unite your brand and messaging across websites, blogs, social media presences, online marketing channels and more. The result is increased brand recognition and awareness that promotes cross-channel conversion.