At Design Brooklyn, we specialize in creating custom website development solutions that go well beyond what you can expect from traditional websites or out-of-the-box solutions. We build our websites on a strong foundation of coding so that we can create exceptional and unique functionality to help your business succeed online.

In other words: if your desired solution doesn't look or function like anything else on the market, we're the team for you.


How can custom website development help?

Here are just a few common ways we help clients go beyond ordinary with custom website development:


Custom Website Functionality

If you're not satisfied with exisitng solutions, Design Brooklyn can create custom website functionality to address your exact needs and goals.


Improving Payment & Order Processing

From simple changes like eliminating bugs during checkout to complex situations such as routing payments to multiple vendors, Design Brooklyn can help identify potential improvements and provide helpful solutions that improve your bottom line.


Streamlinging Operations

We can integrate your online presence with internal and third party technologies to help create a more efficient and profitable business.


Business Intelligence & Online Resource Utilization

We can help your business track and make meaningful use of your online data. By understanding your organization and its objectives we can ensure that your website is collecting the data you need and making that data available to key stakeholders. The result is an informed and empowered team that can make more informed management decisions.


Management and Administrative Dashboards

The larger your business becomes, the more your company will need and expect from your website. One department might need an efficient way to process orders. Another might need to focus on online advertising costs and return on investment. Yet another might need to focus on customer service. Design Brooklyn makes it easy to serve the needs of different teams and users with customized dashboards and user interfaces that provide exactly the information and functionality needed.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

APIs can help your website serve other online presences and applications by providing a structured way for online resources to communicate. For example, APIs can be used to help supplement content on remote web presences, pull content from third party resources, serve web or mobile applications and much more.