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Custom Design

When we say "custom design" we don't just mean a custom-ized version of a pre-defined template or a slight variation on a standard approach. Design Brooklyn is a custom design company, meaning: we design from scratch and you can be sure that your website or app will be unique.

Custom Design

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Design Brooklyn

Our CMS, InControl enables you to intuitively manage online content without knowing HTML, CSS or other programming languages.

One handy feature of our CMS is in-page editing, which is what you're seeing here. This feature allows you to make changes in the context of a page - without hunting down content.

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Do More With Your Online Presence

A Design Brooklyn website is a robust and highly functional web-based application that can be easily extended to do amazing things. Connect your online and offline operations, centralize resources, integrate with third parties, gain key insight with business intelligence, and much more.

Custom Development

Online Marketing

You've got a great product or service, you've got a great website, now let's get the word out! Click below to learn how our online marketing services can help make a meaningful impact in your business.


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We take pride in helping amazing organizations of all shapes and sizes.