Whether you’re reeling in the “likes” and followers or trying to get your photos re-pinned and re-shared, use your many social media channels to attract new customers!

  • Contests. Create a contest! Contests are a great way to get people hooked on your business by offering them a taste of your services/products as a prize. How better to promote a contest than by posting it on your ever expanding social media network?! (Don’t know how to create an online contest...DB to the rescue. Contest creation is one of the many services we can provide to your business!)
  • Be Social. Network, Network, Network...Be a social media butterfly! Comment, like, and interact with potential customers and clients, so you not only make your presence known, but also share your company’s unique personality. Engaging with others, makes them more likely to engage with you!
  • Know your audience. Know your customer demographic and use this understanding of your audience to post rich content that they will find interesting and/or useful. Don’t simply be self-indulgent with your posts (though a pat on the back once in the while is fine by us!), but instead use your social media platforms to share your knowledge with your customers in an interesting, educational, and understandable way. Use social media to establish your expertise in your field while illustrating why your business is the right business for your new customers!


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Design Brooklyn offers social media consulting and training services to help you make the most of your social media efforts.

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