You have the Facebook “likes” but how do you transfer those online fans into real customers? Here are a few tips on how to convert your “likes” into clients, customers and profit...

  • Show that you care. Engage with your Facebook fans and encourage them to give you feedback and testimonials on your products/services. Address customer issues and show that you are taking the time to resolve their problems because you value their opinions and needs. Monitor your customer comments and respond! Identifying needs and addressing the issues, makes your customers want to promote your company in a positive way and your fans want to become loyal customers.
  • Polls & Surveys. Get fans involved! Fans want to know their opinions matter as paying customers and what business doesn’t want extra brain power?! Polls and surveys are a win-win situation because your customers appreciate their voice being heard and your business benefits from the new ideas!
  • Loyalty Programs. Reward your customers! Encourage customers to choose your business and only your business by offering loyal customers special deals, freebies, or bonus prizes. Find a special way to consistently say “thank you” for choosing us and show you value your customer’s business because remember, actions really do speak louder than words!
  • Promotional Deals: Offer exclusive promotional deals to Facebook fans and/or twitter followers. Entice your online network to take action and your customers to get involved online by clearly intertwining your marketing strategy with your social media strategy.

Now start converting those “likes” into customers and get your business as popular as your Facebook page!

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