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The Power of Links

SEO can be very challenging to get right. A good working SEO strategy is one that has a great deal of diversity on how it attains visitors. For a long time, link building has been an SEO powerhouse offering great returns on efforts. This led many to find ways to cheat and exploit the power of links to boost Google and other search engines organic results. The buying of backlinks was a popular way to skirt the work of actually building a following and a network of quality links. Do not be fooled, purchasing links is not in any way effective and could actually hurt your SEO rather than help.


Bad Practices


Let us explain why links are so popular and the reasons why people often buy links. It is common known fact that having quality links pointing to your website is beneficial to your pagerank and SEO presence. The more links were pointing at your site, the better, or so many thought. Some enterprising people will spam forums, blogs, and other sites to place a link to your site, for a fee of course. The problem arises that Google in particular is a very smart search engine. It can tell a quality link from a paid one by using contextual criteria. Keyword count, relevance of the site where link is placed, and surrounding keywords are some of these criteria. When a service puts your link on a site that is known for being nothing but spam, Google will notice and instead of increasing your SEO, it will penalize or even blacklist your site. Essentially you just paid someone money to hurt your SEO rankings, not a smart idea.


Building Links The Right Way


The quick a dirty trick of buying links is off the table, so how do you go about building quality links? What is a quality link? A quality link is one that is placed on a relevant site that relates to the content of your site; a link that naturally belongs where it is placed. The important word here is “natural”. With recent updates to Google algorithms, links can easy to be mislabeled as unnatural and your SEO rank can be penalized as a result.

For example, if your site specializes in fixing computers in the New York area, you might be tempted to make all your links read “Computer Repair In New York.” These are the keywords you are trying to rank for and therefore it makes sense to use in the link. But beware, this practice is considered unnatural. Most natural links contain nothing more than the domain of the site it is linking to.

For a long time using keywords in every link was a great way to build your SEO, but since the latest updates to Google it is now considered a spam method. This is not to say that it is not effective in moderation. The largest percentage of your links should be just your domain,, a small percentage, should be targeted keywords, and the rest should be random call to actions such as “click here” and “at this site”. This is natural looking link usage and will be the best way to avoid Google’s bad side. Increase the amount of keywords links carefully for better results but keep them in moderation and always look at what your competitors are doing. Nothing is set in stone and you can feel free to experiment; but always carefully and keeping the term “natural” in mind.


website relevance

Relevance Counts

When placing your links remember to use them in places that are relevant. Placing your link for computer repair in a website or blog about proper laptop maintenance is a good idea. Placing your link in a site about horses is not, even with the permission of the site owner. Relevance is big to Google and other search engines; so try to be as relevant as possible. Always look at the page rank of the site where you are linking from. Sites with a large following and that are authorities in their field are good targets for links.




If you are going to consider paying people for SEO, then hire a service to advise you and find relevant places for your links. Let them help you broker the deals to place your links in the proper places and track how you are using your links. Link building is a long process which does not yield results right away. Be persistent and determined and steer away from bad practices such as link buying and you can succeed.

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