DB client, Wit Media, was looking for a way to effectively promote arts organizations - their core clientele - by providing easily accessible event listings and discounted promotional offerings. They aim to support the arts community at large by providing an online library of upcoming performances, museum happenings, concerts, shows, etc. in cities throughout the country, to potential event-goers. On top of a massive volume of event-based content, Culturadar also curates and promotes exclusive deals and offers on some of the most interesting cultural offerings in town.

With the growing popularity of promotional deal companies like Groupon & Living Social, along with the onset of Google Deals and Amazon Deals, Culturadar needed to get on the map fast and in a big way! Design Brooklyn teamed up with Culturadar to help them get into the arena and hold their own against the competition, all within an affordable budget.

The success of DB’s design for Culturadar is primarily due to the DB-developed technology that facilitates the high-speed administration of the website. We created highly-customized functionality to aggregate information from a number of online sources. Culturadar moderators then refine and contextualize data to create a uniquely informative list, which Culturadar can then proudly offer to it's audience. Wit Media works with local arts organizations to help promote events and offers through Culturadar Deals.

Culturadar has launched in three markets with plans to move into more cities soon. Design Brooklyn’s collaboration and insight have helped create a pathway for the continued success of Culturadar. We're excited to continue our work with Wit Media to help Culturadar achieve even greater success.

Looking for a cultural experience? Check out Culturadar's site at: http://www.cultureradar.com.


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