Design Brooklyn helps GE bring data to life

G.E. Data Visualization Design Brooklyn is proud to have partnered with General Electric in the redesign of their Data Visualization website. The revised site would be a representation of the company’s commitment to data visualization technology and would serve as a central hub for a wealth of interactive visualizations. GE desired something more modern and progressive to match their innovative products, while improving navigation functionality, increasing content discovery throughout the site and adhering to recently revised marketing initiatives and branding guidelines.

To reach these goals Design Brooklyn and GE entered into a discovery process, researching analytics pulled for the original Data Visualization website, identifying GE’s target demographic, and identifying strategic opportunities to appeal to the desired audience. We conducted user testing to isolate key issues with the existing site, re-imagined new solutions to present content and encourage discovery and refined the site architecture to be clearer and more navigable.

With set objectives our blueprint took shape and we proceeded into our design phase creating illustrations of the future site. We presented GE with several design directions incorporating GE's branding guidelines into each composite, including logo, tagline, color palette, imagery, typography, and content categorization. A direction was chosen as the best option to execute the project objectives, and was then fine tuned in a revisionary process that culminated in a final set of composites illustrating the full design and functionality of the new site.

Thanks to thorough strategic planning in the initial phases of the project, the development and testing of the site went very smoothly and the new site was ready for deployment in near record time. We worked closely with GE's IT and quality assurance teams to ensure that the new site integrated quickly and easily into their existing systems. The new website successfully launched in early 2012.

GE is very pleased with their current DB designed website, which finds its success largely in part to its immensely visual nature and ability to direct users to discover new GE content as they navigate the site. Each visualization is not only educational but also acts as a sales tool encouraging viewers to support GE's mission and promote their brand. Mission accomplished. Check out the live site here, or view the slideshow below.


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