Keigwin + CompanySince its inception in 2003, Keigwin + Company’s willingness to take risks and innovate has skyrocketed the company to international prominence. Keigwin + Company has lead the curve in content creation with its promotional videos, recognizing that marketing is not only a tool to bring audiences to performances but a performance in and of itself. Such performative marketing required an equally forward-thinking website.

Design Brooklyn’s longstanding history with rockstar dance company, Keigwin & Company, began with a promotional DVD for choreographer Larry Keigwin - which was quickly followed by a website design in 2005 (one of the very first Design Brooklyn built websites). In 2010, Keigwin approached DB to help launch a brand new website that truly embodied the Company’s unique brand.

Keigwin + Company wanted a site that reflected their individuality, while incorporating social media and promotional objectives. They wanted a website that exemplifies the company’s fun, fierce personality - and of course it had to look good. conceptualizes the site as a stage upon which the Keigwin + Company brand is performed. It is sufficiently flexible to accommodate future marketing initiatives and simple enough to use that Keigwin + Company staff can implement those initiatives through an intuitive content management system. Given Keigwin + Company’s capacity for innovation, the site is another powerful tool at their disposal, helping the Company establish itself as a leader in the dance community and boost its profile more broadly.

This DB design seamlessly integrates social media, a front which K+CO greatly values and has built a thriving presence for themselves, all while still acting as a functional, professional business website in a very good looking wrapper! Keigwin + Company’s DB design website represents their brand as a fiery dance company on the path toward super stardom!

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